The New and Improved Pixelslip

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Pixelslip version IV: A New Hope (we skipped a few versions for the sake of the name).

As you can see we have completely redesigned our website. Our old website was getting a bit dated so we decided to start from scratch. The new site is built on a much more flexible framework which means we will be constantly updating and upgrading the site, something we weren’t really able to do before. So let us know if there is anything you would like to see on our site.

Also take a look at our work section, we have a lot of new projects up that we were waiting to show off with the new site.


It really is amazing how the right font can completely pull together a project. While in the beginning stages of a mock-up I find that it can be quite helpful to nail down one or two main font's for the project prior to beginning any design … [Continue reading]

Our Favourite Add-Ons For Web Design

As a web developer I find that I tend to switch between a lot of different programs while coding. One cool thing about about firefox is it has an abundance of add-ons that can make your life a lot easier. Below are a few add-ons , in no … [Continue reading]

Layer Comps in Photoshop

One feature in photoshop that I find doesn't get enough credit is Layer Comps. I’ve taken many courses on photoshop and layer comps were never  mentioned.  For those of you that don’t know what layer comps are Layer Comps allow you to save your … [Continue reading]

Photoshop Organization Tips

One thing that always surprises me is how unorganized photoshop files can get. Sure everything makes sense while you are working on it, but walk away for a while and suddenly everything has changed. Now your file is just a mass of layers that you … [Continue reading]

Preflight in Adobe Acrobat

If you are working in the design industry then chances are at some point you have had to send a file in to be printed. If you have sent a file to print then you know there is nothing worse than getting the document back with a formatting error. Using … [Continue reading]

Hello World!

Thanks for visiting our website. We will have much more content coming soon. … [Continue reading]